I don't have much here yet, I'm too busy building sites for other poeple..

You have probably found this site, because you know me as 1SlowFormula on many different message boards.
Camaroz28 or CZ28
N/A Shootout
Eastern F-body Asociation (EFA)
Yellow Bullet
Cummins Forum
Oregon Coal Rollers
And more..

When I first built this site I was still driving the car to and from school and work every day and racing in a few events with the EFA,
the pic on my splash page is from those good old days.

I am just getting into updating this site and for now I will just put some links out there and fill in som details later...

Feel free to look at:

My Tire/Gear/MPH Calculator.
My Supercharger Pulley Calculator.
Pics of Kooks Longtube headers taken to see fitment issues.
Pics of removing the HVAC/Stereo/Airbags and etc.
Pics of my new (to me) car trailer.
The GM High Tech (magazine) Bolt-on LT1 article. (w/the rules regarding the what is and isn't a bolt-on for the LT1)
Pics of the Cage being installed.

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