Tire/Gear/MPH Calculator

Welcome to my Tire/Gear/MPH Calculator. This program is to help anyone looking to find what gear or tires size changes you are planning will do to your current setup. Some of you will notice that this is similar to the calculator on f-body.org, well it is very similar, but I updated the code and made it function a little better/different for my needs.

To use the Tire Size caculatior, just enter the Metric Tire size or Revolutions per Mile of what you are looking for the tire size of, and click on the Calculate button. Your answer will be placed in the Tire Diameter box.

To use the Optimal Axle ratio calculator, enter the tire size you are running, and your Estimated/Desired RPM through the trap in the Redline (RPM) field, then press Calculate, there will then be a pop-up requesting your Estimated 1/4 mile MPH, enter that and your Optimal Axle Ratio will display in the Axle Ratio field.

To use the Gear/MPH calculator, just select one of the presets from the dropdown box on the left to automatically fill in the boxes, or just fill in each box to match your vehicle's needs. You also have the choice to compare as many result sets as you would like with the previous result by checking the Compare box prior to the next calculation. If the Compare box is not checked, only the current result set will be shown.

You can click on Clear Fields to clear them all out if you had already selected something.

These instruction should be up anytime that you do not make a calculation that requires a result set.

If you want any new presets to be added, just email me, and be sure to include the year(s) and type of car, the gear ratios for each gear, and a least one of the available gear ratios, stock tire size, plus the vehicle's redline.

If you find any problems, or have suggestions, please feel free to email me!

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