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What is "Shared" web hosting? What's with your supporting vender list?
What are the disadvantages to "Shared" web hosting? What do you get with your base hosting plan?
What are the advantages to "Shared" web hosting? What do I need to do to publish my own site?
What is Search Engine Optimization?

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Most Frequent Answers:

What is "Shared" web hosting?

My idea of shared web hosting, as I explained on the products page, is similar to renting out a rental property in real estate. But the estate being rented is virtual land on the owner’s server. I have purchased a good amount of server real estate from the various venders to the left, and then I partition off a select amount of space and rent that space out for a much cheaper out of pocket investment then renting hosting alone from my venders.

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What are the disadvantages to "Shared" web hosting?

There are a few item that the normal webmaster would not like about shared hosting. These would include;
  • Giving PSZweb.com control of you site. Due to the fact that we are renting out space on the same server our site, plus many other sites reside, it would be ill advised to give that password to all of our customers.

    • Not that I am a mistrusting person, I just don't like the idea of giving Joe the password, that if he knew how to navigate through the server, could gain access to (his competitor) Bob's site.
      +++ These are not real names of our customers, if by some chance you have or go by one of these name's I was not referring to you, I was using 2 common names as an explanation. +++

  • Not having real time updates to your site, again due to the fact that the Staff of PSZweb must update the sites hosted on their server, the customer must submit the update to PSZweb, and will be contacted when the update has been completed.

  • You may incur and additional cost of transferring your domain name to the owner of my servers, if you would like the domain forwarding and masking. But, this is something that you would need if you purchased your own web hosting anyhow.

    • These are the some of the little hidden cost that I am here to try to help you find out about even if you are looking for information about hosting, or the way the web works

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What are the advantages to "Shared" web hosting?

The advantages to our shared hosting plans are;
  • A lot less out of pocket expenses then with conventional hosting and web design work.

    • Depending on your sites needs you pay 20-50% less per month on hosting fee's alone.
    • Getting the amount of space designed around your sites needs, and not paying for the extra un-used space that the generic hosting site gives.
    • No need to buy or register rights to wed development software, or need to get caught of guard by unexpected fees.
    • Less time spent searching for the cheapest alternative to getting a site online, we have already done that for you, even if our plans are not what you are looking for the directory to the right contains the least expensive hosting, and web development tools that can be found at this time.

  • There is no need to learn/know how to write HTML code, buy products to make websites (they just write the code for you), learn how to transfer your site or navigate through to the server that you bought your hosting through, or anything else that you might feel is too daunting about the internet.

    • We have found that people and business's that want to have a website, but either don't want/have time to learn how to build them or don't want to pay too much for hosting enjoy our services.
    • Also, for those that have free hosting through their ISP, but found that the bandwidth offered was not sufficient for their current business load, enjoy the fact that they can get more bandwidth without breaking the bank or learning how to use a conventional hosting provider.
      In cases like these we charge a basic fee for removing the code from your current pages that the ISP's use for advertisement (that is why it is free) on your site. For example: Go to any site hosted by Yahoo, see that drop down taking up most of the page, oh yeah see the pop-up ads, we don't like them either, so we remove them for you!

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What's with your supporting vender list?

My "Supporting Venders List", is to be used to help those who do not want to take advantage of my services, but are looking to have their own hosting at a cheap rate. I have been looking for years and these venders are the cheapest I have found. The list is ever growing and contains everything someone might need to create and publish a website.

I started this company to help people on the web, and between this FAQ's page, my services, and pointing people in the right direction even if they didn't want to use my services. I am here to help others, I find it reassuring to think if people were helping others then the world might be a little easier to live in.

Philosophy aside, I put that list together to make it easier for people shopping for these services/products, to find them in one spot!

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What do you get with your base hosting plan?

My base hosting plan gives you more bandwidth then the normal free hosting you can get with your ISP, without the pop-up ads, or annoying banners taking up most of you screen. This was designed for low traffic sites that need minimal space and that don't want to bother their viewers with the annoyances of ads. Such sites as family, wedding, or hobby sites that tell a little about a someone, normally no bigger then 5 pages, and only given out to friends and family members. Also perfect for a web-based resume.

We have many customers that use this plan to send holiday photos of their family to relatives that live far from home, because it is cheaper to send a card with caring words and a URL, and then it is making 20-30 copies of their photos to send out. Plus if they want to show friends and coworkers they can give out the URL without needing to carry photos with them at all times.

These plans are subject to update fees unless a predetermined update plan has been established.

I do not recommend this plan to anyone that plans on advertising a business, establishing a high traffic site, or a site that requires more bandwidth, we analyze the bandwidth needs and usage of our customers to better help them select a plan that is right for them.

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What do I need to do to publish my own site?

I assume by the way that was asked, is that if you didn't go with my services but I will answer for both ways...

To publish a site on your own, you need a few things. First being knowledge as to how the internet works. You can find a lot of information through searching, more then likely how you found me... You can also purchase books or read tutorials online. You will need;
  • If you want people to find your site read about search engines, and how to design your site for SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

  • If you don't know how to code/write in web languages, then you will need to read about those. Look for how to's on HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language, javascript, and VBscript as the basics, but there are a lot more, depending on how complex you want the site to be.

    You can also, purchase a graphical interface that will help write the code for you, depending on how you place an item on the page. I recomend Dreamweaver, ColdFusion MX 7 Standard, Contribute 3 and a few other Macromedia products that could be found in the Macromedia USA Store

  • To load your sites on a hosted server, you will need to learn how to transfer files and navigate the server. Look for information about FTP - File Transfer Protocol, servers, and file navigation.

  • You need to purchase both hosting and a domain name, you can use free hosting offered by most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) like Yahoo and many others, but then you have to deal with the ISP's advertisements on your site. That is completely your call!

To publish a site using any of our services, you will need to contact us with your expected needs at info@pszweb.com, then we will discuss what would be right for you, and go through all the options to find what you may need. All options are different and most are found on my Products page. You don't have to buy everything, and I have even been able to make deals with customers that really don't need much.
For example: I had one customer that only wanted to email me a few family photo's that she wanted me to post up for her husband in Iraq, and since I was a soldier in the U.S. Army, I cut her a deal.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization refers to how well a site is picked up by search engines. There are a lot of different criteria that the search engines bot/spider looks for, and then it stores information about your site into a database to speed up searches. There are companies out there that specialize in SEO; they can make a comparison between you and you competitors to keep your site ranked higher then another, meaning that it comes up higher in the search results.

Have you ever tried to find a friends website and it might have come up on page 10 of the search results, if it even came up at all? This is because there are millions of websites out there that are either not even on the list for search engines to look at, and if they are on the list that doesn’t match the criteria that the bots/spiders are looking for. Bots/spiders/web crawlers are all the same thing, it is a piece of software built by the search engine that crawls the web (internet) looking at sites on it list and placing that information into a database held by the Search Engine company, like goggle.

I know your next question, how do I get my site on that list? To get on that list you must match the criteria that the bots/spiders are looking for. That criterion is a complex algorithm, which matches site's popularity, links, content, meta data, lifespan, and popularity. Yes you read popularity twice, because it is twice as important then the other criteria, yet a good combination of them all are needed.

Site popularity, is just that, how popular is your website? Yes, it does feel like you are back in high school again, doesn't it? That is actually the biggest joke in the computer industry, most programmers, were unpopular in school, so they designed software to determine popularity, so they can say who is popular and who isn't. To get on the list in general, the bots/spiders need to know your site is out there, if only you know it exists, how popular is it? You have to get the bots/spiders to your site before it even tries to match your criteria. How do you get, on that list? You need to have other people going to your site, not just your friends and family, but that doesn't hurt either. Popularity is measured by the calculation of links are coming into your site, and how much daily/weekly/monthly/yearly traffic you receive. So if no one is linked to your site then the bots/spiders won't find it. There are places online to submit your site to the search engines, but they all say it doesn't guarantee you making the list. That isn't accurate you make the list but when the bot/spider gets there and has no data to process, it places you at the back of the list to recheck, so it might be a year before the bot/spider comes back.

For Example: If you submit your site to the search engine and the bot/spider puts you to the back of the list, if the bot/spider went to a site that was linked to you it would crawl that link and re-evaluate your site. The more links you have coming in the more times your site is evaluated and your ranking goes up if the remaining criteria are met. This is why we have our link exchange, to help our friends on the internet grow in ranking.

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