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Web development, hosting, websites, and more
  As mentioned on my home page, I have learned that there is a need to help individuals and small businesses with getting web recognition. My unique idea is to use webspace as if it were similar to real estate. The idea on a small scale is to sublet my existing hosting, like getting a roommate in real estate. I have made agreement with a few supporting venders to purchase a large amount of webspace. Then I partition this space off and rent it out to people looking for more then they can get for free, but donít want to pay the premiums and have the hassles of setting up your own site. Read more details of my idea here.


PSZweb base hosting * 12.50/year
PSZweb stage 2 hosting 25.00/year
PSZweb stage 3 hosting 45.00/year

Domain Names

  PSZweb 1 year purchase 5.50/year
  PSZweb 2-5 year purchase 5.00/year
  PSZweb 6-10 year purchase 4.50/year

WebSite building, design, & updates

Most of our Web design and development is to match the needs of the person requesting the site to be built, making them all different in cost. I will attempt to list some of our general pricing and if there are any question, please contact us.





Updates ++

1-5 pages 25.00
6-10 pages 30.00
11 or more 40.00
 Basic HTML coding 15.00/hour
 HTML/scripting 20.00/hour
 Advanced scripting 40.00/hour
 Server/DB scripting 50.00/hour
 Pay as you update 5.00/page
 1-10 per month 20.00/year
 11-25 per month 40.00/year
 Unlimited updates 60.00/year

Spyware Removers, Adware Removers, Pop-up Blockers,
Virus scanners, Registry fixes, and more

To help those of you that have found these items to be extremely annoying, I have gone out and found the most popular and valuable removers, blocker, and fixes out there. Use my list to help rid your computer of viruses and to stop adware and spyware from telling your every move while online.

If you are looking into building your own site, your own hosting without sharing webspace, or contracting me with anything else. Please look through our supporting venders list. These venders are the cheapest I have found, and if I can't help you with your site, the least I could do is help you find the cheapest place to get your hosting, domain names, site tempates and more.

* PSZweb's base hosintg contains minimal monthly updates, and may be subject to an additional update fee.
++ Updates that require changes to server scripts, database interaction, shopping carts, or anything outside of basic html, javascript, or vbscript scripting
will be subject to the hourly development rates.
Supporting Vender List
GoDaddy.com $3.99 Domain Name Sale
hosting service
Bluehost Web Hosting $6.95
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